Integrated Assembly Control

The company of KHONG PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD might supply parts to incorporate to assembly product. The care toward product is one of things that consider most resulting the good product qualified. The using of quality machines is one of important things that be done by company so that the product result will has high quality. There are so many machines type that used actually come from various state manufacturer. Those are so that able to give right integrated assembly control while producing process.

Besides that, the company also has experience and well trained to operate and maintains the machines while getting problems. There are some requirements for people who want to work in our company. When apply to any job, administration function shall be responsible to keep track of the supplied part with suitable recording. We just accept people who has qualified and good ability on controlling of factory machines. Those are caused we keep the quality of product as well as when resulted after producing on the machines.

The right man save in the right place is one of principle that we embrace, where else production function shall be responsible to safe guard the supplied part prior to the assemble work. It’s not wrong if we are very selection on looking for workers for working in our company. We just need some people who qualify to sit in certain position.

The company also has certain training program to improve the worker skill so that they have good skill on their working. Giving good service to the customers is important thing that should be understood and done every time to the consumer. It’s also including the products quality that will be sold. Before finish and ready to sell, employers require checking the quality of products so that there are no damage products which sold to the consumers.

If there is any lose, damage, or unsuitable use of the customer property should be reported to customer and record shall be maintained in administration function. And you as a customer need no hesitate to report it for us.

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KHONG PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (formerly known as : PERUSAHAAN PLASTIK ADIK BERADIK KHONG SDN BHD.) is an established manufacturing of plastic injection parts company incorporated in 1982. The company principal business is the manufacturing of plastic injection components according to specification. Other related services are Hot Stamping, Silkscreen Printing and Mould/ Die making.

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