Lists of Injection Molding Machines

For getting the best quality and maximal of the production process, KHONG PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN BHD uses the best and popular molding machines. Here in the following list are all the machines of molding which is used by the company complete with the tonnage and quantity. There are two type of available on the list bellow; primary and complementary machines.

Primary machines

No Type of Machine
1. Toshiba IS 1300 (Japan)
2. Haitian MA 700 (China)
3. Welltec TTI-600F2 (China)
4. Kawaguchi KM 550B (Japan)
5. Haitian MA 530 (China)
6. Kawaguchi KM 450B (Japan)
7. Haitian MA 380 (China)
8. Haitian MA 280 (China)
9. Kawaguchi KM 220B (Japan)
10. Welltec TTT 220 F2R (China)
11. Haitian MA 200 (China)
12. Kawaguchi KM 180B2 (Japan)
13. Kawaguchi KM 180B (Japan)
14. Kawaguchi KM 140B2 (Japan)
15. Welltec TTI 130 F2V (China)
16. Haitian MA 120 (China)
17. Haitian MA 90 (China)
18. Kawaguchi KM 80B (Japan)
19. Kawaguchi KM 80C (Japan)
20. Kawaguchi KM 80B2 (Japan)

Complementary Machine:

No Type of Machine
1. Pad Printing Machine (Hong Kong)
2. Ultrasonic Machine (Taiwan)

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KHONG PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (formerly known as : PERUSAHAAN PLASTIK ADIK BERADIK KHONG SDN BHD.) is an established manufacturing of plastic injection parts company incorporated in 1982. The company principal business is the manufacturing of plastic injection components according to specification. Other related services are Hot Stamping, Silkscreen Printing and Mould/ Die making.

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