Elite Machinery Systems of TOSHIBA IS 1300DE

TOSHIBA MACHINE, with its 30 years of experience of injection molding machine, has used its rich store of experience. All the sectors of companies work hand in hand to provide sure this machine to support the foremost companies in diverse industries. Most of companies in all over the world has believe toward the quality resulted by TOSHIBA machine. Those are including automobiles, aircraft, data communications or semiconductors, and also plastic injection molding as we are used.

As we see that TOSHIBA is an elite corporation which has high experience and reputable. There so many types which made by TOSHIBA corporation in various type of purposes with newest technology. IS-DE injection molding machine were designed and developed, and technology for high quality and uniform molding, as well as energy-saving and high-cycle performance. It’s giving great influence toward the quality of plastic product resulted so that able emerge in high quality.

TOSHIBA Machine’s Injection Molding Machine indeed is developing of business solution on a global scale and it’s not wrong if we see it more popular in most state. There are some factors actually; TOSHIBA Corporation provides its customers with nothing less than total satisfaction as usual. This is one of our reasons to choose TOSHIBA machine to help our production on injecting molding production. We care toward the customer satisfaction toward KPI product and always give them what are required.

It’s as write on the TOSHIBA official website that they are persistent in their commitment to examine and propose ways to provide the best solutions to the various issues faced by our customers. Besides that they are giving life to a rich wealth of expertise nurtured over the years coupled with highly innovative technology. This is able we see which there are so many Toshiba machines resulted in each year.

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KHONG PLASTIC INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (formerly known as : PERUSAHAAN PLASTIK ADIK BERADIK KHONG SDN BHD.) is an established manufacturing of plastic injection parts company incorporated in 1982. The company principal business is the manufacturing of plastic injection components according to specification. Other related services are Hot Stamping, Silkscreen Printing and Mould/ Die making.

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